Mitzvah Technique Dance Style
The Mitzvah Technique dance style encourages freedom of movement through flow of its rippling upward spiralling motion. The body is used as a complete unit from head to toe, so that it springs upward whether jumping or just unfolding. The effect is higher jumps, higher legs, better balance and movement ease. Somewhat similar to Limon’s fall and recovery with gravity, the Mitzvah Technique goes much further as it fine-tunes the dancer’s gentle connection to the floor.  This connection supports the efficient use of body mechanics, releasing muscular tension, allowing motion to flow through the body. The dancer experiences unprecedented freedom of movement and refinement of movement quality.

“What is compelling about ….. is the way the movement appears to make spirals around the dancer’s spine, as it the dance were made of small, whirling coils of energy that have wrapped round the performers like flaming bits of silk.” –Deidre Kelly Globe and Mail

The Mitzvah Technique has also provided me with dramatic shifts that greatly improved my dance  technique, performance and creativity. It also corrected my postural alignment and prevented many injuries. I had suffered the effects of postural issues which were corrected through practicing the Mitzvah Technique discipline. I used the Mitzvah Technique as a dance professional during classes, rehearsals, choreography process, performance and teaching. In addition to helping my postural alignment, many injuries were prevented through the use of the Mitzvah Technique before, during and after dance activities. My dance technique was greatly improved by the use of efficient body mechanics, symmetrical body usage and increased range of motion. I was able to get my legs up higher with improved range of motion and balance.

Technically, I had been working so hard to try and strengthen certain areas that I was dancing as in a very held, disjointed way. The Mitzvah Technique helped me to put it all together to improve coordination by uniquely using the body as a complete unit. I was able to then dance with much less tension and more ease.

Practicing the Mitzvah Technique discipline gave me the tools to expand my range of movement quality enabling me to become a more fluid and expressive performer. As the movement flowed through me, it supported finer movement qualities and an intricate range of expression of emotions.  These finer movement qualities, flow of motion and responsiveness to music can be stifled by rigorous dance training. Instead of overtraining and then trying to conjure up the look of movement freedom, I experienced freedom and the joy of movement.

I also found that as I practiced the Mitzvah Technique, it was easier to tap into my creativity which seemed to more readily flow. The Mitzvah Technique is style of its own, providing choreographic stimuli for movement, for example, “Untitled Marking” .

I apply these principles of movement to dance technical and creative teaching which helped my students to advance faster to achieve more enjoyment of dance.

Mitzvah Technique and Dance Teaching Bio
Susan was Certified as a Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique in the first graduating class, she refined her quality of hands on work, uniquely through 25 years of continuous studies with M. Cohen-Nehemia, founder of the Mitzvah Technique. During this time, she attained a deep understanding of the Mitzvah Technique through active participation in its development. M. Cohen-Nehemia has authorized Susan Green to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers.

For over 25 years Susan Green, a posture specialist has been helping dancers to improve their posture and mobility, while relieving aches and pains through Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique. Susan helps dancers correct stubborn problems that interfere with dance technique and performance quality. She teaches dancers the flowing Mitzvah Technique dance style. She fine tunes dancers alignment, through remedial and preventative approaches.

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