Mitzvah Technique Teacher Training For Dance
Are postural alignment improvements slow or not happening despite working really hard on your issues? Feeling over trained? You may be working against yourself. Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique is a gentle and effective approach to postural alignment improvement. You learn what to do to help yourself and others to help themselves.

Mitzvah Technique Teacher Training gives you the opportunity to develop amazing dynamic posture as you learn to teach others.

Become a more effective dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and communicator for higher jumps higher,  better balances and turns. Train with more ease through symmetrical and  efficient use of body mechanics. Physical tension is reduced during dance activities to support more fluid and expressive performers and choreographers. Partnering becomes more responsive. Your innate upward spring like motion can be used as a movement motif

Learn how to help postural concerns in great detail. The Mitzvah Technique helps correct postural patterns of body misuse including: slouching, upper back rounding, chest squeezing inward, forward head and neck, fixated pelvis and knees and feet that squeeze inward. It opens or mobiles joints to improve dance technique as it helps to prevent dance injuries.

Affordable Teacher Training For Dancers
•  Identify a wide variety of postural, spinal and biomechanical problems and pain issues.
•  Help correct the source of problems before, during and after dance activities.
•  Learn, practice and perform Mitzvah Technique chair, stool, barre, wall, floor and movement exercises.
•  Teach Mitzvah Technique Exercises using verbal directions, demonstration and hands on work.
•  Apply the Mitzvah Technique before during and after dance activities
•  Dancer’s total body action approach to postural alignment supports flow of motion, spiralling and refinement of movement qualities to fine tune expression during class, improvisation, choreography, rehearsals and performances.

A gentle, dynamic and practical discipline, The Mitzvah Technique helps to correct the source of postural problems, tension/stress and strain and aches and pains. It taps into our body’s innate ability to spring upward and reinforce it’s balance with gravity (through its action/reaction response to gravity). The Mitzvah Technique realigns and rebalances the body through an upward rippling wave like flowing motion that extends from the base of the feet, through the occipital joint to the skull. This upward rippling wave like motion spawns spirals, flow of motion, postural alignment improvements and a deeper breathing.

The Mitzvah Technique is learned through individual sessions, workshops, classes, presentations and Qualified Teacher Training. Susan Green B.Sc., a Certified as a Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique is authorized by Mitzvah Technique founder/developer, M. Cohen-Nehemia to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers. Susan Qualifies Mitzvah Technique Teachers in a three level teacher diploma course.

Experience Pain Free Posture at the Computer
•  Learn healthy, comfortable and practical alternatives to slouching, stiff body positioning and confinement while sitting at the computer
•  Efficient use of body mechanics and practical methods to release tension and de-stress while sitting at the computer
•  Tap into your bodies instinctive need for constant movement while seated and to change positions from sitting, to standing and walking
•  Practical ways to release tension, de-stress and relieve strain to maintain healthy posture while moving about the workplace, during related work activities and break times.

Teacher Training is so much more than I could have ever imagined it to be”
-Sharon, student enrolled in Susan’s Mitzvah Technique teacher training program

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