Under Green Waves: A film by Julia Hendrickson




Under Green Waves, a film presented as a 3 channel video installation.
Julia Hendrickson’s Film Installation in CONTACT Photography Festival
Featured Exhibition April 29th – May 15th, 2016
263 Adelaide St W, Studio 510

Exploring the relationship between visibility and invisibility, this video installation restages a dance by Susan Green 30 years after its first iteration. The choreographer and photographer—mother and daughter—explore the temporal space between each rendition of the story; the cyclical (dis)appearance of what is just out of reach—the husband, the story, and the dance. As part of Hendrickson’s continuous inquiry into the space between an event and its documentation, the installation asks what happens when something, or someone, becomes invisible.

Under Green Waves (Teaser & Installation Documentation) from Julia Elizabeth Hendrickson on Vimeo.

Julia Hendrickson (b. 1992) is an emerging Canadian artist working with photography, film, installation and sound. Investigating cyclical decay and regeneration, she gathers fragments of experience and performance in attempt to make what has become invisible, momentarily present. She examines the invisible (the dead, a dance) through its traces in inanimate objects (a dining room table, a dress). You would think that when you capture a moment it’s preserved but photographic documentations convey inaccuracies, they decay and disappear just as objects and memory. So why not find inspiration through the creation and markings in objects? Hendrickson’s film work has been selected for European distribution and has screened in England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Ireland and the United States. Her piece, As She, Rehearses Disappearance will be shown at the Ryerson Image Centre in July of 2016. She currently lives and works in Toronto.

Julia Hendrickson
(416) 358 8631