DSC04000.JPGDance Classes for Children & Youth
Susan has performed and taught creative dance process extensively through various boards of education and the Inner City Angels, Toronto, Ontario. She is a recipient of many Ontario Arts Council Teaching Grants. Susan continues to choreograph and teach the dance creative process to all ages.

Susan Green’s dance classes are taught in an engaging, dynamic and enjoyable way. She inspires students of all ages to create dance studies through the creative process of improvisation and composition.  Susan choreographs collaboratively to create dance pieces.

Stimuli for Dance Creative Process
1. Props consist of scarves and big sheets of blue nylon material.
2. Visual art concepts through include postcards, prints, photographs and books.
3. Nature themes include waves, storms, rainfall, season changes, plants growing, leaves/snowflakes falling, shooting stars, plant life, animals and dinosaurs. Large works can be created through the creative process.
4. Imagery is used to guide through movement improvisation.
5. Stories, poetry and literary sources are used to develop movement themes.
6. Percussion instruments and music are played as stimulus for movement

Samples of Children’s Dance Class Series
Introductory class, magic scarves and a magic carpet ride, dinosaurs, seasonal theme (leaves/snow falling or plants growing) and seasonal theme.  JK through Grade 2

Introductory class and communication through movement, storm waves using sheets of giant nylon material, body wave movements and group dance studies, group storm wave dance studies, sea creatures dance studies, combine sea creature and storm waves to create dance pieces. Grade 2 to Grade 7

Introductory class and communication through movement, visual art concepts, introduce stretch cloth bags, stretch cloth bags for the next three classes leading to group short dance pieces using visual art concepts. Improvisation leading to composition of dance themes to encourage freedom of movement, refined movement quality and expression. The Mitzvah Technique is used before, after and during the session. Grade 5 to Grade 12

Susan is available to give online classes and workshops for application of the Mitzvah Technique to dance technique and performance.